call our 24-hr bilingual domestic violence helpline: 651.772.1611

Putting community at the center and letting their voice guide our work has always been a philosophy of Casa de Esperanza. We know that it is strong communities—not Casa de Esperanza or any single organization or system—that will end domestic violence. Communities change and our engagement initiative needed to change with them.  In 2012, we held a series of listening sessions(PDF) with community members. The recurring themes from these sessions informed the development of the new and expanded Fuerza Unida Amig@s Initiative.

Fuerza Unida Amig@s are Latin@s and allies from the community who are committed to taking action that supports the mission of Casa de Esperanza.

Amig@s participate in:

  • Leadership development training; using our Líderes curriculum.
  • Domestic violence training; so Amig@s are prepared when the subject comes up.
  • Support to lead and implement community action projects that reflect important topics for Latin@s and their families
  • Access to resources

Amig@s choosing to lead talleres (workshops) or host charlas (conversations/chats) participate in additional training on workshop development and facilitation.

amigos collage

photography © douglas beasley | made with a copilot