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In October, 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services awarded Casa de Esperanza the Family Violence Prevention and Services Discretionary Grant. The grant designates the organization a National Culturally Specific Special Issue Resource Center whose focus is working within Latin@ communities. As a national resource center, Casa de Esperanza is a member of a nationwide network that supports prevention and intervention efforts across the country to end domestic and dating violence. This work falls under a division of the organization called the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities which consists of

A research center that conducts culturally relevant research to inform the creation of new strategies for engaging Latinas and their communities in ending domestic violence.

A public policy initiative, based in Washington, DC, that takes Latin@ realities to legislative tables. Casa de Esperanza also translates policy decisions into information and tools that enhance the work of organizations throughout the country.

Training and support. Casa de Esperanza is also a Technical Assistance (TA) provider for the Office on Violence Against Women, US Dept. of Justice. TA is provided to Latin@ and domestic violence organizations, mainstream agencies that work with Latinas and their families, and organizations that serve other culturally specific communities.

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