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Statement on the Whistleblower Complaint of Abuses at ICE Detention Center

Non-consensual hysterectomies are a form of gender-based violence. The US has a long and sad history of forced sterilization, particularly of women of color, including enslaved Africans, Native women, Puerto Rican and Mexican women, people with disabilities, and others. We at Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network are deeply concerned by the recent reports of human rights [...]


The murder of Private First Class Vanessa Guillén is a terrible and preventable tragedy. Casa de Esperanza National Latin@ Network condemns the violence against her, the military’s refusal to seriously address sexual harassment and sexual assault in its ranks, and the broader culture that too often treats Latina bodies as expendable. We express our deep [...]

heart in hand for our beloved community during this uncertain times due to COVID19

COVID-19 Resources

In the time of COVID-19, information and language access is essential for the safety and well-being of our communities. For this reason, we have created a bilingual virtual library to share important information, policies and resources. Access this bilingual virtual library here. Read our full statement on how we continue to work during these unprecedented [...]

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