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Cassie Amundson Munoz

Tree of Life painting in black and white by Jose Juan Lara Jr.

Thank you for supporting our mission and Latin@ communities

After a year of unparalleled uncertainty, disruption, and hardship, we are so grateful for connection, community, and collective hope. This year has been challenging and heavy. Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are at higher risk for abuse with stay-at-home orders, further isolated from co-workers, friends, and community, and may have less resources available [...]

Infographic of 2020 program highlights

Fall 2020 Newsletter

View the email version of the newsletter  New Partnership with the University of New Haven Casa de Esperanza is proud to announce that R. Lillianne Macias, Ph.D. of the University of New Haven is the National Latin@ Network’s next director of research and evaluation. In building her new role, Dr. Macias forged an innovative partnership [...]

Statement on the Whistleblower Complaint of Abuses at ICE Detention Center

Non-consensual hysterectomies are a form of gender-based violence. The US has a long and sad history of forced sterilization, particularly of women of color, including enslaved Africans, Native women, Puerto Rican and Mexican women, people with disabilities, and others. We at Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network are deeply concerned by the recent reports of human rights [...]

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