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Art by @brownissues

Yadhira Romero Martínez should still be with us. She was just 19, a daughter, an immigrant, a Mexican, an American, a worker, a sister, a “gentle kind soul.” We are mourning her passing. Our hearts are aching for her family. We are lighting candles for her loved ones, for our communities, for Latin@s across the globe, for survivors of gender-based violence everywhere. Yadhira deserves our love and advocacy.

We must persist. The Latin@ community is strong, vibrant, and resourceful. We have to be. We can and must continue to work together to call out violence and injustice. We at Casa de Esperanza know, from our work on gender-based violence, that trauma is real and hard to overcome. But people can heal. Let us stand together to encourage that healing by supporting our community members, families, and friends, who at times like this need a hand, a heart, and extra resources. 

Yadhira deserves dignity, love, and our commitment as we mourn her death. Join us in supporting the Romero family by contributing to their Go Fund Me. Attend the vigil. Say ‘no mas.’ Help build a culture that values women, that doesn’t demonize men of color, that makes violence against people of all genders unacceptable. That’s what we’re working for and that’s how we can honor Yadhira.  

For anyone seeking support or wanting resources related to domestic or sexual violence, please contact our 24/7 bilingual Minnesota crisis line at 651-772-1611.


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