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Casa de Esperanza is a leader in the domestic violence movement and a national resource center for organizations working with Latin@s in the United States. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota Casa de Esperanza’s mission is to “mobilize Latinas and Latin@ communities to end domestic violence.” Founded in 1982 to provide emergency shelter for Latinas and other women and children experiencing domestic violence, the organization has grown to become the largest Latina organization in the country focused on domestic violence. Casa de Esperanza is also committed to becoming a greater resource to organizations and communities in the areas of sexual assault and trafficking.

Casa de Esperanza’s leadership in the field has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which has designated the organization as the Culturally Specific Issue Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Latin@ Communities.

Local Initiatives

Casa de Esperanza has expanded to offer critical, innovative services and support, ranging from family advocacy and shelter services to leadership development and community engagement opportunities for Latin@ youth, women and men. Throughout all of our prevention and intervention initiatives we place community at the center, thus we incorporate intentional community listening and engagement strategies to ensure we are guided by our communities.

National Initiatives

Casa de Esperanza is home to the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities (NLN), a national project that operates on four pillars:

  • training and technical assistance, to practitioners and activists throughout the United States and Latin America;
  • public policy initiatives that engage a network of individuals and organizations to influence national policy while providing critical policy alerts and education to the public;
  • research and evaluation which conducts original research that promotes social justice for Latin@s and those who work with Latin@s within domestic violence and sexual assault prevention;
  • communications, which disperses resources and information through various methods of communication including webinars, podcasts, and social media engagement.

The organization is also committed to lifting up campaigns that are innovative and grounded in community realities, such as:

2020 Program HighlightsInfographic of 2020 program highlights

why do you use “@”?

Casa de Esperanza has chosen to use “@” in place of the masculine “o” when referring to people or things that are either gender neutral or both masculine and feminine in make-up. This decision reflects our commitment to gender inclusion and recognizes the important contributions that both men and women make to our communities.

Mourn and Honor Yadhira Romero

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