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Webinar: Federal Funding for Working with Victims of Human Trafficking
Jan 23 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm (CST) 

This webinar brings together representatives the Office on Violence Against Women; the Office on Trafficking in Persons; and, the Office for Victims of Crime, Department of Justice. Presenters will highlight federal funding opportunities for organizations and communities working with survivors of human trafficking. Culturally specific organizations, and organizations serving populations vulnerable to human trafficking are especially encouraged to attend.

Through this webinar, participants will: 

  • Learn about federal funding opportunities for organizations working with human trafficking survivors.
  • Learn about additional resources related to those funding opportunities.


Cathy Poston, Attorney Advisor, with the Office on Violence Against Women

Flavia Keenan-Guerra, Program Specialist, HHS/ACF/Office on Trafficking in Persons

Silvia Torres, Victim Justice Program Specialist, with Office for Victims of Crime, Department of Justice


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Webinar: Trauma-Informed and Culturally Specific Practice for Latina Survivors
Jan 25 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

In this webinar, National Latin@ Network researchers will provide accessible language that service providers can use to describe the overlap between the trauma-informed and culturally specific aspects of their work. Presenters will first present principles developed using research the NLN gathered from culturally specific practitioners across the domestic violence field. Then, presenters will discuss findings from a national research project designed to evaluate culturally specific and trauma-informed aspects of service for Latina survivors.

Through this webinar, participants will: 

  • Build their knowledge in trauma-informed principles through a culturally specific lens.
  • Build their knowledge in evaluating trauma informed and culturally specific work with Latinas.
  • Learn about the results of a national study evaluating culturally specific and trauma informed practice with Latinas.


Dr. Josephine V. Serrata, Director of Research and Evaluation, Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network

Josephine V. Serrata, Ph.D. is a clinical community psychologist and director of research and evaluation at the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families & Communities, a project of Casa de Esperanza. Her research and evaluation work are embedded in practices that are culturally affirming and community driven. Her research includes studying the intersections of domestic violence with issues of oppression, privilege and strength in Latin@ families and communities. Her evaluation experiences have included evaluating community based prevention and engagement efforts, including a leadership intervention for immigrant Latina survivors of domestic violence. Her clinical work focuses on trauma informed, culturally relevant approaches. She also serves as the Director of Professional Development for the Latina Researchers Network, which aims to support diverse scholars in academia and advanced research careers. “Josie” is a Latina of mixed heritage (Panamanian and Mexican-American) from San Antonio, TX and proud mother of two boys.

Dr. Rebecca Rodriguez, Manager of Research and Evaluation, Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network

Rebecca Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a community psychologist and manager of research and evaluation at the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities. Rebecca’s research interests broadly focus on culturally specific and community-centered approaches to prevent family violence in Latino@ families. Her research has examined marital and dating violence by investigating family dynamics (e.g. gender roles, parenting), U.S. immigration policies, and by working directly with Latin@ youth witnesses and survivors of violence in conducting participatory action research on topics they find important to their communities.  Her evaluation work includes participatory and culturally responsive evaluation practices and developing the evaluation capacity of community based organizations. Rebecca enjoys mentoring students and is interested in increasing the number of Latino researchers. As a child of Mexican migrant farm laborers, she is also passionate about social justice for migrant and seasonal laborers.

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2018 Latin@ youth conference @ Coffman Memorial Union - University of Minnesota
Feb 24 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Amigas Adventure Camp
Aug 6 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Enjoy a classic camp experience for Latina girls, ages 11 to 18, with Fuerza Unida Amig@s and Girl Scouts during this action-packed overnight camp session. When you arrive at camp, you and your group pick the activities you want to do during your stay. Options include canoeing, kayaking, biking, archery, arts and crafts, nature, songs, and games. Plus you will get to make new friends and develop leadership skills that will last a lifetime!


Disfruta de un campamento para niñas y muchachas Latinas entre 11 y 18 años de edad con Fuerza Amig@s y Girl Scouts.
Cuando llegues al campamento tú y tu grupo podrá escoger las actividades para tu estadía. Algunas de las opciones incluyen: canotaje, kayaking, arquería, manualidades, naturaleza,
ciclismo, canciones y juegos. Asistirás talleres sobre identidad, relaciones saludables y tomar acción para una comunidad más segura. Además podrás hacer nuevas amigas y desarrollar tu
liderazgo que te servirá para toda la vida.

For more information contact Ivette at iizeamartinez@casadeesperanza.org or 651.646.5553 ext 317

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